Alas, it is the new year, and as promised I have reconstructed my blog.  I hope you’ve all had a wonderful first day of 2014 and I hope you’ve set some goals for the new year. Most people set resolutions that are quickly broken only a few weeks into January; so rather than making resolutions I make  goals to accomplish within a certain time frame or by the end of the year. This way it’s more of a 2014 Bucket List  rather than anything else. I figure, if I set goals I’ll be more motivated to complete them as opposed to a “resolution.”

So what are my goals for this new year? Here’s a list I’ve been trying to work on:

+ complete project 365
+ be more financially responsible
+ obtain a steady job or internship
+ master all achievements in Skyrim
+ go out more often
+ learn to longboard
+ go on a cross country roadtrip
+ travel outside of the US
+ attend various concerts
+ kiss someone in the rain
+ go clubbing for the first time
+ swim in the ocean
+ take better care of my appearance
+ get a cat and name it Benedict
+ get my belly button pierced
+ cut out the poison in my life (people who will remain unnamed)
+ acquire a vehicle of my own
+ have money in my savings account
+ update my wardrobe
+ go on a road trip
+ write a Sherlock fanfcition
+ keep up on my Walking Dead fanfiction
+ finish Doctor Who
+ be happier

Well, that about sums it up. I meant to go in depth on my goals originally, but then I realized no one actually cares so I stuck to a list. Some of these goals I already know will be accomplished and some are purely pipe dreams. Either way, it’s always good to be optimistic and hopeful. In any case, what are your resolutions?
Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day.


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