last day as a teenager

I just kind of realized that it’s my last day of being a teenager. Come tomorrow I’ll be twenty… That’s crazy to me. Strangely, I even feel a little anxiety thinking about it. Pretty soon, I’ll blink and realize I’m thirty. Scary thought…

Alas, I’ve learned a lot in my teenage years, and honestly- I probably had some of the best times I’ll ever have had during them. Though, at the end of the day, I know I’m ready to grow up. I’ve been ready to grow up since before high school, but everything takes it’s time. There were times when I didn’t even think I’d make it to my twentieth birthday, but here I am. It’s time to grow up and be responsible and such. No more excuses, this is my time to shine.  I have a lot to get done while in my twenties, considering my long-term goals. Here’s a few of them-

Graduate undergrad school in Anthropology and American Indian studies; pretty self explanatory.
Apply to, enroll in, and graduate from grad school in Anthropology; my eyes are set on a program in Knoxville, Tennessee… But who knows where I’ll really end up going to school.
Find “the one.” The man I’m going to marry is out there somewhere, and my goal is to find him and fall in love and not to get hurt this time around.
Get married and settle down; my dream was to be married by 25 and to have kids by 27… Let’s see what I can accomplish in 5-7 years.
Start a business or my professional career; because one thing I truly want in this life it to be financially stable by the time I’m 30… Even if getting there is tough.

This all seems so, grown up, to me… I mean, it feels like just yesterday I was blowing out the candles on my birthday cake, jumping up and down because I was finally 10… A decade has gone by and it’s hard to believe. Those kids I graduated with are getting married and engaged already, they’re getting great internships, they’re studying abroad… And here I am, still trying to find my place in the world. How did I spend my last day as a teenager? I watched Nashville with my sister, edited pictures, and played around on tumblr all day… Pretty typical behavior  for me.

And hey, even though I’m not going to be a teenager after today, I still plan on playing video games, writing fan-fiction, and wasting tons of time on the internet. I just realize I have to get my ass in gear and be productive as well.


In any case, tomorrow is my birthday.
I have virtually no plans.
Asked for nothing.
And honestly, I feel like no one cares anymore.


3 thoughts on “last day as a teenager

  1. itisalonelyworld says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAVE A STELLAR DAY AND CONGRATS ON BEING DONE WITH THE TEENAGE YEARS! Don’t fret, you have your whole life ahead of you and even if things are unsatisfying now they’ll even out. I know its hard to wait but you’re strong and you’ll get through it!

    • whysostephanie says:

      thanks! aside from my family, the only 3 people who offered to spend my birthday with me tomorrow were my best friend and two of my exes. they all hate each other which is the funny part.
      but, i decided to spend it with my family. 🙂 thanks again

      • itisalonelyworld says:

        Spending time with family is great, I’ve realized that more than ever this year. Haha two exes? Might want to stay away from those if its the stereotypical “ex wants to hang out” situation! But hope you have a good day tomorrow! (:

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