20 facts about me

Seeing as it’s my twentieth birthday, I figured I might as well share twenty obscure facts about myself. Ugh, now I actually have to come up with 20 personal facts and such… Here goes nothing.

1. I eat lemon slices, is that weird?

2. I’ve struggled with insomnia in the past, and it’s slowly coming back.

3.  I am terrified of swimming in lakes and rivers; basically anything with deep water that I can’t see the bottom of.

4. I keep a jar of graveyard dirt in my bedroom, as long as herbs like Meadowsweet, Vervain, and Horehound… Superstitions, ya know.

5.  I’m a great cook but am often too lazy to actually put the effort in.

6.  I can count my friends on one hand, 3 fingers to be honest.

7. My mother and I have a very bad relationship; I honestly despise her.

8. I want a cat more than anything right now.

9. I’ve written over 10 fanfictions, but have only completed 1.

10. I’ve spend a majority of the last 10 years on the internet and computer.

11. I’ve played over 450 hours of Skyrim in my lifetime.

12. I truly think I can survive a zombie apocalypse, but I am honest to god terrified of the idea of zombies being real.

13. I live of of superstitions and believe in ghosts and the possibility of monsters.

14. I went to a private Lutheran elementary/middle school; it destroyed my self esteem and self worth.

15. I have panic attacks when dealing with confrontational social situations.

16. I can’t talk about my feelings or fight with others in person because I can’t stop crying when I do.

17. I’m obsessive when it comes to tv shows, movies, video games, and people.

18. My dream is to move to Tennessee.

19. The events that have happened in my life could be made into a very dramatic movie.

20. I’m afraid of growing up.


and there you have, twenty facts about me that people may or may not already know.


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