not even midnight?

I seriously thought it was later than 11:30 guys, but apparently not. Because of the holiday I don’t have classes tomorrow. Guess I can just stay up late and play Assassin’s Creed IV some more. I mean, my sleep schedule is extremely inconsistent as it is. I mean, it’s not that I try staying up late all the time… But sometimes I can’t help it.

For example, there’s a friend of mine (a very close, personal friend that I may or may not have history with,) that I’ve hung out with 3 nights in the last 7 days. Honestly, I thought we’d never get to hang out again- never been happier to be wrong. Despite the fact things are really just a huge mess that I have NO idea how things will end up. Haaaaaa, this is my life. Hanging out with an ex whom I still have feelings for even though he says I deserve better and he wants someone else.

Okay, no more of that. NO. No more talking about that.

I’m falling back into my Assassin’s Creed obsession now that I’ve begun playing Black Flag… I was weary of it when it first came out… But… Pirates.. and Assassin’s… Eeeeee~ They are both fantastic, so I’ve been enjoying the game quite a bit. In fact, after I finish this post I’m going to go back to playing it I think… BUT FUCKIN AY, THEM NAVY SHIPS DO NOT SINK EASY. I got so mad I quit for a few hours… I should be working on homework anyway.. But whatever.

Speaking of school and stuff, I applied for an Office Assistant position on Campus with the Student Housing Office… I got an email back about my resume and availability and am hoping to hear back this week about an interview. I mean, this job would be AMAZING. It’s already on campus so I wouldn’t have to travel anymore than I already do, it pays the same as my summer job I could go back to… Though, the summer job has many more hours but is RIDICULOUSLY hard physical labor that I cannot dream of doing again. Plus, an office job would be better for my resume anyway.
So we’ll see where that goes. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I should be going here soon. I think next time I’m going to make a rant about Valentines day, seeing as it’s soon approaching. Ew…. But, thanks for reading and have a wonderful night!



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