what am i even doing here?

BESIDES laughing hysterically at myself.

Hahaha.. No seriously, I took a look at my blog post from the past (which you can no longer view, because, magic.) Thus, whilst looking at the 100+ (now unpublished  posts) I really could not figure out what the sole purpose of this blog was supposed to be. I mean, I LOVE to rant and vent and express the very essence of my soul onto the internet for all to behold… Right? Well, yes. Anyone who knows me KNOWS that’s the truth. So here we are, as I babble on about nothing at all, tip-toeing around the point I want to make.

Yes, I understand that sometimes I can be too emotional in my blog posts. Yes, I understand sometimes it can become offensive or hurtful to some of those whom which the posts concern in my daily life. Yes, I know I’m probably too open with my posts online.

Those are just a few of the things I need to work on, and I am sorry to anyone I may have previously hurt or belittled. But, just like everyone else… I need an outlet. My blog has been an outlet for me for a long time now- so I can’t just stop. See, there aren’t many people in my life that are just willing to listen to me bitch about things. Not to mention, I wouldn’t want to make them sit through it anyways.

Thus, consider this a fair warning… i’m reclaiming my own blog, for personal reasons and so, many rants, emotional purges, and personal updates will pursue. Sorry, not sorry?

Take it or leave it.
I know some of you actually enjoy hearing about my life, so it’s a win-win, right?



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