its a beautiful life

Even if I don’t always see it.

Hello all, its been a rocky road on this blog, and for that to do apologize. But then again, I’m always apologizing for the things I write, so I guess maybe just take it as a grain of salt. Is that how the saying goes?
I know I often write about personal things, often ones of a emotionally girly nature. But to anyone who knows me, I’m much more than that. Or… So I hope. Consider the fact that I am also merely human and often cannot handle all that I am faced with.

This post is just a little something I’ve wanted to write, just a few notes about why I write things about my personal life. Let’s begin….

Firstly, I choose to blog because I have extreme anxiety problems when it comes to talking about personal ideas, opinions, and feelings out loud. I often start to tremble, loose focus, and even cry when I start talking about certain things. Other times I completely close off and sit in silence with nothing to say… So, I blog. I blog to express the things I otherwise cannot.
Next, I blog because I sincerely hope that some of the things I say will inspire others or even help them somehow with my words. But, really I’m just hoping someone out there will read it and realize that maybe they aren’t alone.
And finally, I continue to blog because there are some people who keep up with my blog and actually are interested in what I have to say. Some are friends I consciously know, some are strangers from the web, and others are fellow bloggers. But when it comes down to it, thank you all for your support or thoughts, whatever they may be.

Wow, this is going to get off track if I don’t stop soon… But at least I got that out of the way and off my mind.

In other news, things are finally getting better and my optimism is slowly returning. I hope to return to regularly writing again soon. You are all wonderful for reading my random rambling.


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