insomnia or too much coffee?

I really don’t know which of the two it was that kept me awake until 5am this morning. Maybe it was my subconscious telling me not to go to sleep for the promise of nightmares that would follow any attempt at falling asleep. Whatever it was, I found myself getting only a solid 2 hours of sleep last night.
In any case, today I’m just horrible zombified in everything I do. The groaning and moaning, the stumbling about, the dead eyes and blank expression. I have the whole look about me- I’m even wearing ripped up capri jeans.
SO, here I am, drinking my Vanilla Hazelnut Latte as I try to motivate myself to write 3 papers that were due last week. Once you fall behind it’s hard to catch up.

I simply don’t know where to start on my papers, just like with my own life as it would seem.
Well I guess I’ll be going so I can work on my papers or something. i just wanted to vent my stress and delirium at you all.

Ugh, I’m so screwed.




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