My name is Stephanie Dixon and…

And all I’m good at is hurting people. Which in turn hurts me more.
Soon reality, my name is Stephanie Dixon and I hurt myself.

I am emotionally and mentally spent after the last 24 hours. It is both a curse and a blessing to be home alone tonight.

I hate when people accuse me of disrespecting them when they’ve done the same to me tenfold. I never mean to hurt people, even if they might deserve it… But somehow that’s all I ever do. I just hurt people.
I feel so incredibly terrible because the people I hurt the most are the ones who deserve it the least.
Sometimes they simply get caught in the crossfire of my frustration with others. Whatever happens, I always hurt people without intending to. But, people never take my side… I’m just the cold hearted bitch who hurts everyone.

How can I seem so insensitive and hurtful to people? If they took the time to actually get to know me maybe they’d see the truth about me… The problem is, even I don’t know the truth….

I’m just a lonely girl with nothing left to lose.


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