dreams of a studio

ever since i was little i always wanted a space to myself where i could just go and be me and do what i wanted. a place where i could listen to my music without being teased, a place where i could make a mess with my art supplies and not even care that i got paint on the wall or the floor. a place where i could go and dance around like an idiot because no one would be watching. today, i still want my place like that.

“You just need to find a place to get away, you can forget your name, and there’s no need to apologize.”

so, this summer, i’m going to step up to the plate and build myself my studio. on the 26 acres of land i have at home, there’s more than enough room for a little 8×10 shack, there has to be. if nothing else, i could make it a tree house, probably smaller though, maybe 5×8, but that’s still a good amount of space to just chill.

there would be plenty of windows, wood floors, and even a sky light in the roof. inside i’d have an easel and a ton of paint supplies.

but who knows if it’s ever going to happen. a girl can dream though, right?


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