rain for days

And that’s the honest to God truth. This is about day 4 of rainy weather in a row and I love it. I do not, however, love the windy cold dampness that has come along with it. But, at least it keeps me going.

Alas, recently I’ve been one big ball of stress. If you were to poke me I’d either explode or deflate- lets not test this though… I am so extremely exhausted and it’s almost the end of the semester. School work has pretty much subsides, minus a few big projects and exams, but real life problems are still clouding my mind.

Today my final housing decision was made. After a lot of thought and consideration, I went in and signed a lease for a one bedroom apartment, starting August 1st. No problem, right? Well, no.. Not with this lease… It’s my current lease I need to worry about. If I cannot get a re-let by August I will be forced to pay for TWO leases/rental units.  Which is something I am in no financial position to do.

But, in my mind, it is worth the risk to live in a one bedroom… I am just so sick of relying on other people and dealing with roommates, I would rather just take it all into my own hands and rely on myself. Plus, the only utilities I’ll have to pay now are Electric, Internet, and Cable (if I so choose.) Granted, rent is a little more steep but that’s the price paid for not living with 3 random people/strangers next year.

I do not trust strangers, and I do not recommend allowing a complex to provide roommate matching for you. It didn’t work out for me, anyway.

But that’s my housing rant. Later on, I’ll give you guys an idea of how I plan to use my little 438 sq ft chuck of living space and what-have-you. For now, I need to get over the initial stress of re-letting my current lease and manage to calm my nerves about having two housing situations to deal with.

Not to mention how I’ll be breaking the news to a friend of mine that I have decided not to live with her…



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