GODZILLA 2014 – film review

The King of Monsters hit the big screen once again yesterday and of course I made sure to be there opening night. I’ve been a fan of Godzilla since I can remember so when I heard the news about the new Godzilla movie that was coming out this year- there was no doubt I was excited about it. So, the question remains…

Did this rendition of Godzilla live up to my extremely high expectations?


First and foremost, what shocked me most about Godzilla 2014 was that everything you see in the trailers can be disregarded. I mean everything…
When I saw the first few trailers of Godzilla I had imagined that the film would be strictly based upon Godzilla himself being the antagonist while Bryan Cranston aka: Walter White being more of a protagonist figure throughout the film.
NOPE. All of the NOPE there.

I won’t give away any of the main details but Heisenberg vs. Godzilla was nothing close to what happened… Which was actually a bittersweet surprise. I mean I was very much looking forward to a showdown between the two, or even a larger role for either characters. Yes, you did read that correctly.

I feel that Godzilla’s role in his own movie was not as colossal as the king himself. He almost, to me, appeared to be a supportive character to the actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (aka Ford Brody) and the other radioactive nuke-eating monsters in the movie. WHICH, BY THE WAY, I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT.  The trailers do a phenomenal job of tricking the viewer into thinking Godzilla is the only monster to debut in this film, but to my great surprise,  there were in fact more than one other creature. What I found interesting about these new additions was that they strongly resembled a radioactive Cloverfield monster, which is totally a cross-over I am willing to ship.

There were so many spectacular jaw-dropping moments throughout the film, but the one that left a smile lingering on my face was – well when Dr. Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) first says his name… “Godzilla” but first and foremost the first time I heard Gozilla’s majestic blood curdling roar.
But to back up for just a second, I could not stop myself from laughing (nor could the person next to me,) when Serizawa first whispers “Godzilla” in that iconic Japanese accent… Maybe it’s just an inside joke, but for some reason I laughed even harder when he said it again 30 seconds later. 

In all actuality, Godzilla was a total badass- I just wish we would have seen more of him in the film. As much as I loved the destructive monster duo that he went head to head with; he just didn’t have as big of a part as he deserved.

The action was brilliant, the power of Godzilla was heart stopping, and the plot kept me at the edge of my seat.  But, the thing that really stuck with me throughout the movie and even after letting all of the emotions and wonderment settle in was a quote.

“The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control, and not the other way around.”

But, no matter what…. Godzilla will always be the King of Monsters to me and overall, I was extremely happy with the film.

My inner child was crying tears of joy.


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