everything changes

Everythings changing when
I turn around
All out of my control

Well, my entire life has changed since the beginning of summer and it’s all been for the better so far… However, there are more changes coming but these ones terrify me.  The changes I’ve been experiencing vary but all of them are big life changes.

I’ve found myself in a new relationship (from an old high school crush, it’s all kinds of adorable, trust me.)
I’ve fallen in love (pretty quickly, but this time it’s different and actually amazing.)
I’ve made some huge financial decisions (credit cards used to scare me.)
I’m going to be an auntie (and am super excited.)
I’m going to be moving into my own apartment by myself (also super excited.)
I decided to double major with a minor (American Indian Studies, English, and Anthropology.)
I decided to quit my summer job early (because it’s killing me inside and out.)

But with all these changes comes the harsh and cruel realization that things are only setting up to change again.  I’m moving.

I am moving back to school.
I am moving away from my family again.
I am moving away from the boy I love.
I am moving in by myself all alone.
I am moving away from everything I know.

I am not ready for all this.
I am not ready to say goodbye.
Not again.