oh shut up

Something is really irritating me in the recent news of Robin Williams death, until I can blog out my frustration more.. this short post will suffice.

Robin Williams was depressed, and yes, depression is a serious thing.
But it is not an illness, it is not a disease, a depressed person is not SICK.
Yes they ate hurting and yes they are facing struggles,
But that does NOT constitute them as sick. Why alienate those who are depressed even more by telling them they have a disease? Why make them feel inferior by telling them they have an illness?
To me, that is actually sick.

Depression is a feeling, it is a struggle, it is something very difficult to overcome… But it is not a disease.
That’s my opinion anyway.
Argue it if you want, but I know how it feels, I was there once in my life- but really? Who hasn’t.
Maybe we are all diseased by human nature.

What people should focus on, it caring about the people who are struggling. Not telling them they are ill or have a disease. They are still the same person, you just don’t know what they are going through.

Be supportive, not clinical.


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