t-minus 4 days

And then I’ll be back in college. It’s a crazy thought, but I knew that the summer would go by too fast, which it did. Alas, as fast as summer went, those few short months were enough for everything in my life to change. Well, my life was already changing even before the summer. The last twelve months have been chaos for me. Everything is finally feeling more stable and sorted out.

I’ve gained a lot of experience and maturity in the last year and am happy I went through all the hard times that I did. I feel like all of those low blows really helped me open my eyes and realize some things I never would have otherwise. So, for that I’m thankful, I guess.

Anyway, going into this school year there is a lot going on- a new apartment of my own, a new work study in the Anthropology office (which I am extremely excited about,) my sister being pregnant (I’ll finally be an auntie!) and so many other things coming my way.
Living by myself will be a huge change for me, but it will be for the best. The hardest part has been trying to get my internet to work and trying to fill my apartment with furniture and decor. Thank God for Earthbound Trading Co. even though my bank account is empty… Good thing I start working next week.

That leads me into the next thing I am excited for this year; Fall. I love everything about Fall and I always have. I am pretty sure I happy-rant about it every year so I will hold off on the excitement for now. Though, Sunday, my last day at home- my boyfriend and I are going to the old apple orchard to visit it one last time before it closes down. It’s bittersweet because I have been going there for years to enjoy fall festivities, but that’s all part of life- things change. I’m just happy to have the memories that I do.

Hm… I was honestly going to wait until next week to start up my blog again, but looking ahead, I will be much too busy to actually get anything done with my blog- probably. Classes start, work starts, I have to set up appointments, set up my internet, and all kinds of little things.
So here’s just kind of an update of where I’ve been at.

I mean, if anyone still reads this, that is.
If you are reading, thanks as always.
I’ll be back soon to rant an rave about things as I used to.
Until then, stay beautiful.


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