being broke/being a blogger

There is something that’s been eating away at me lately… I am a broke college student with really bad anxiety about being able to afford the cost of living… But, I also love to write. I mean I keep a blog, as you are reading now. However, this is a personal blog and thus the only people who read it- are people who are invested in my life. Or, so I’d like to think.

Recently, I’ve decided to change my major, but am now panicking about what in the seven hells I will ever be able to do with a Creative Writing B.A. degree. Even if I did go for a M.A. in Writing Studies I don’t know where I’d begin.
Yes, I’d love to be a published author and make a living off of royalties. But let’s be honest, how realistic is that?

I’d love to have a functioning blog that spits out reviews, editorials, and other cool publishings- but I can’t start that by myself nor do I believe I could be successful in that kind of a trade by myself.
Earlier today, I did contact an Editor-In-Chief of a geek blog site that was looking for a film writer, I mean it pays virtually nothing, but you gotta start somewhere.

Ahhhhh, I am so lost, I don’t know where to start nor where I will end up.

What I know is that I like movies, tv shows, music, video games, poetry, writing, and art. I don’t know what to make of myself.

ugh, help.


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