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The Diary of Annabel Lee


Side effects of reading Poe before bed…

So, last night, before bed I wanted to read some of my favorite author/poet’s works- of course this was none other than Edgar Allan Poe.  I read some of his lesser known poems like Alone and Bridal Ballad, but then I came to the infamous (and a personal favorite…)

The Raven

However, I wasn’t expecting what would come of it inside (or outside even) my subconscious later that night. While I was sleeping something woke me up quite abruptly. The sound of tapping… (But not upon my chamber door haha,) Instead the tapping came from either my dresser, or my window right above it. Maybe, though, it was all in my imagination. Whatever it was it was strong enough to wake me up from a dead sleep- but like the narrator in the famous poem.

So today, I will especially be on the look out for any sign of a raven.

Just wanted to share this weird feeling, I should probably be getting ready for work though. It’s a lovely fall day; it’s raining and the air is chilled. I also have a poetry reading to attend this evening. I think today will be a good one.