Jurassic World trailer – first impression

So I just watched the Jurassic World trailer, I was more than thrilled that they released it early (today) so I didn’t have to wait any longer. I am really excited about this movie, I have always loved the Jurassic Park franchise since I first saw the original when I was about 3 years old (yeah, I started young.) I am going into this new film unbiasedly though, I WILL NOT be comparing it to the past films. I am taking this film as it’s own new franchise. Yes, there are obvious connections to the old films, but in what I saw in the trailer- this is completely new territory.

Firstly, I really think that the creators of the Park are absolute idiots, especially little miss red head, did they learn nothing from John Hammond’s mistakes?? I guess not, because they decide to take it one step further by GENETICALLY MODIFYING their own brand new hybrid dinosaur. IDIOTS.
As for this hybrid, my initial theory was that it was a raptor-rex hybrid.But then I started to think… Maybe rex-spinosaurus… BUT THEN because they kept talking about the intelligence… raptor-spinosaurus. Well whatever they did, they played God again and Jeff Goldblum would not be happy about it, (I really hope he has a cameo in the film, I would die.)
Then the next thing that struck the spark of my attention was when they release the raptors from their cages- TERRIFYING. But then they are running next to Chris Pratt while he majestically rides his motorcycle? Come on, they wouldn’t be hunting WITH him, they should be hunting HIM. But either way, it looked badass.
And as for the little kid, why do parents think it’s okay to send their children to theme parks where man-eating dinosaurs reside? The mom said it herself “If anything chases you… Run!” No shit sherlock… Don’t send your kid somewhere he might get eaten. How’s that sound?
Speaking of said child… when he is hiding from the dinosaur in the trailer- my theory is that it was a simple raptor that was pursuing him, not the hybrid, but I’ve been wrong before.

All in all, I am very excited for this movie, and I will most likely be posting further analysis of the trailer. This was all just my very first impressions. Honorable mentions include; the beautiful CGI cinematography, Chris Pratt’s seemingly southern accent, and the chills that ran down my spine when I first saw my favorite raptors come out of the gates.

Shout out to that badass Shamu-style water dinosaur. I’m not entirely sure which one they were trying to recreate but it was badass.


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