january thirteenth, twenty- fifteen

hello again all,

I don’t have a lot to talk about but I left my real journal at my mom’s house so instead of writing in there I guess this will have to do. Anyway, the new semester started yesterday; so far so good. I like my Fiction Workshop class a lot thus far, but my professor is a little on the crazy side. The best writers are the crazy ones, right? Guess we’ll see. I had to write a short description using an image (mental or real) for class and I really love how mine turned out. Even if I did use someone’s selfie on tumblr as inspiration it turned out very captivating and curious. It’s a good thing my professor loves crime fiction because my style is very much similar to crime- it just tends to have very dark undertones and often incorporates the paranormal.

Other than that, being back in my apartment is strange. It’s lonely, but calming. I guess being on your own living the hermit life can be a little sad. I miss my boyfriend more than anything though. I don’t know where I’d be without him- because even being away from him for a week at a time is like being lost.

I should get back to school work and then sleep. Boo. No fun, though luckily tomorrow is my “Friday” gotta love three day weeks and having 3 online classes. (I only have to go to campus for one class and work. It’s great.)

Have a wonderful night my little Imps.



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