january twenty-first

It’s an amazing feeling when you finally know you’ve found your place in the world. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever been “eager” to learn or “pay attention” until I started taking more and more English courses. Which is extremely ironic, considering English was always my most hated subject in middle and high school.

The only difference now is I am studying fiction. I LOVE fiction. To make good fiction though, you need to understand grammar and punctuation- all that jazz. All of the things I used to hate. Now, things are a bit different. Today while sitting in my beginning fiction workshop we were learning the proper ways to write dialogue. My undivided attention was brought into the classroom for the first time in ages. I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed learning so much that I was legitimately worried that I wouldn’t be able to remember the specific rules and guidelines. It was a good feeling.

In high school I always thought the absolute worst job in the world to pursue would be that of an English teacher, but now that it exactly what I am doing. It’s strange how once you find yourself you realize how wrong you can really be about yourself. Five years ago I never would have seen myself here. Five years ago I saw myself at UMN Duluth studying Psychology and planning to go on to become a Doctor of Clinical Psych… Haha, yeah, no way.  Now, I’d prefer the life of an English teacher.

Kids HATE English classes, I know that because I did too… But what if it could be made interesting? What if it didn’t have to be such a drag? That’s the hard part, I guess. Making such a necessary thing exciting.

I’m just rambling on now, so I think I’ll leave this post here.

Have a wonderful day, thanks for reading my meaningless blog once again!



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