the excitement of becoming an auntie

Alright, so it’s no secret that I will become an auntie soon. In only a week and a half I will become an aunt for the first time, and I am extremely excited. I’m not just excited for me, but I am excited for my entire family.

This is the first baby in my family since, well, me. That was 21 years ago, which is crazy. This is the first grandchild for my parents, the first child for my sister, and the first niece for my other siblings and me. And I TOTALLY called that the baby would be a girl, even before the first ultrasound. I’d like to say it’s my sixth sense, or most likely was just a lucky guess, I’m good at those.

I cannot wait to do all those fun auntie activities. I am going to be the arts and crafts queen. I already know all the stories and poems I’m going to read as bedtime stories I’ll read her, what places I’ll take her to visit. I’m going to be the awesome fun auntie.

But I’ll stop gushing about it now.


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