Places I want to go (in MN)

I’ve been to some of these once, I’ve been to some of them many times, and others I’ve never gone to… All in all, I still want to visit them either for the first time or just to relive them all over again.
Who will come with me?

+ The Walker Art Center
+ The MN History Center
+ Taylor’s Falls
+ Canal Park, Duluth
+ Moose Mountain, near Duluth
+ The Boundary Waters
+ The Kensington Runestone (museum & park), Alexandria
+ Eagle Bluffs, Lanesboro
+ The Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth
+ Lusten & the Alpine Slides (near Duluth)
+ Taste of Minnesota
+ The MN State Fair
+ The Science Museum of MN
+ The MN & Como zoos
+ A Twins Game, A Wild Game, and a Vikings Game
+ The Wright County Fair (specifically the Demo-Derby)
+ We-Fest
+ The giant ball of Twine
+ Valley SCARE
+ Wabasha Street Caves
+ Mystery Cave State Park, Preston
+ Mall of America
+ Ren-Fest (EVERY YEAR!!)
+ Ikea

There are probably a million more that I missed, but hey, this was a good start…
Basically by the end of this list, I really should just take a trip to Duluth… The town my Dad was born in and the place my Grandma grew up!


How to: Make Her Feel Like a Queen

I am going to flat out say it. If you are a bitter middle aged-man who has nothing better to do than to attack the opinions of a twenty-two year old. You have bigger problems and should probably focus on those and not this blog post.
NOW, with THAT being said. This post is not about entitlement and “what did the woman do to deserve this treatment.” THIS is about doing something kind and thoughtful. No one is entitled to anything. So, let that sink in. If you can realize that, then great, read on. But, I am SICK of people making assumptions about women based on this one PERSONAL blog post.

THE POINT IS TO MAKE THE WOMAN YOU LOVE FEEL SPECIAL. What the FUCK is wrong with that? Huh? I’m not telling you you HAVE to go out and do all this shit. These are SUGGESTIONS that you CAN use as examples IF you want your special someone to feel GOOD.

Now grow up, read on, or get out.

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