How to: Make Her Feel Like a Queen

I am going to flat out say it. If you are a bitter middle aged-man who has nothing better to do than to attack the opinions of a twenty-two year old. You have bigger problems and should probably focus on those and not this blog post.
NOW, with THAT being said. This post is not about entitlement and “what did the woman do to deserve this treatment.” THIS is about doing something kind and thoughtful. No one is entitled to anything. So, let that sink in. If you can realize that, then great, read on. But, I am SICK of people making assumptions about women based on this one PERSONAL blog post.

THE POINT IS TO MAKE THE WOMAN YOU LOVE FEEL SPECIAL. What the FUCK is wrong with that? Huh? I’m not telling you you HAVE to go out and do all this shit. These are SUGGESTIONS that you CAN use as examples IF you want your special someone to feel GOOD.

Now grow up, read on, or get out.

PS: This post is aimed at .

I know girls are confusing, and we never tell people what we want… SO, I’m hoping this might help. It has come to my attention that although chivalry is not dead, it is dying a little bit. What happened to courtship, and wooing a girl? Maybe it’s evolved but I feel like sometimes it’s disappearing entirely.

So for any of you guys (or girls, maybe) who feel like making your girl feel special. Try these.  As a disclaimer: Most of these are from a personal perspective, every girl is different, but if you really care about someone, you ought to know what makes them happy. Also, girls are not entitled to these things. When you do something for your girl and she doesn’t thank you or show any appreciation for these things you do for her: STOP wasting your time, money, and effort on her.

– Call her beautiful, or gorgeous, when you see her. She may brush it off with a quick thank you, or maybe she won’t even process that you said it at first. But I promise she will notice, and it will make her feel amazing.

– If you stop at the gas station or grocery store before meeting up with her, such as if you needed gas, a pop, or a pack of cigarettes- get her something she likes too. Like her favorite candy, or pop, whatever it might be. The small gesture will make her know you’re always thinking of her.

– Show up on her doorstep unannounced with flowers. Girls dream of their special someone doing this. It spontaneous (to us,) and will make our heart melt into a puddle.

– Plan a surprise date for the two of you, take her somewhere the two of you don’t normally go. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, hell it can be mini-golf or a drive-in movie. It’ll make a great memory that she’ll always hold close.

– If she’s a country girl, take her out driving on some back roads, yeah gas costs money. But she’ll be by your side and singing along to the radio- if that’s worth it, do it. Plus, when the stars come out you can stop driving and enjoy the view. (Whatever that might be, wink wink nudge nudge)

– If she’s having a bad day, hold her close and tell her it will be okay. She won’t bite, instead, she’ll thank you.

– If she’s PMSing, buy her chocolate and if it’s really bad, offer to watch a chick flick with her. She’ll appreciate it after the hormones have calmed themselves.

– MAKE HER A MIX CD. That shit never gets old.

– Carry her over a puddle if she doesn’t want to get her feet wet. This one is a rarity, but someone did this for me once, and I absolutely fell even further in love with him for it. I will never forget how sweet it was.

– If you’re in the dog house, or just want to make her feel special, make a little “care package” of things she likes. They don’t have to be anything fancy, I’m sure snacks, a flower or something, and a magazine might be a good start.

– Tell her you love her when she is least expecting it.

– Pay attention to her social media (unless you go overboard and creep-stalk it all.) She’d love it if you brought up something she posted on pinterest- or some cute thing she shared on facebook.

– Put your phone away when you’re with her, hopefully she does the same.

– Send her “Good Morning Beautiful,” texts.

– Ask her how her day has been, and actually listen when she tells you- no matter how painfully boring it really is.

– Be genuine and honest.

But one final piece of advice, if you do any of these things and your girl DOES NOT thank you or shows she appreciates you- STOP doing sweet things for her and don’t waste anymore time. She’s probably not worth it. If you’ve gone out of your way to do ANY of these things; she better damn well say thank you and return the favor.

AGAIN, girls are NOT entitled to these things. We should pay it back and return the favor, especially if we love you as much as you love us.

If you still have an issue, please read this article next. 


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