Places I want to go (in MN)

I’ve been to some of these once, I’ve been to some of them many times, and others I’ve never gone to… All in all, I still want to visit them either for the first time or just to relive them all over again.
Who will come with me?

+ The Walker Art Center
+ The MN History Center
+ Taylor’s Falls
+ Canal Park, Duluth
+ Moose Mountain, near Duluth
+ The Boundary Waters
+ The Kensington Runestone (museum & park), Alexandria
+ Eagle Bluffs, Lanesboro
+ The Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth
+ Lusten & the Alpine Slides (near Duluth)
+ Taste of Minnesota
+ The MN State Fair
+ The Science Museum of MN
+ The MN & Como zoos
+ A Twins Game, A Wild Game, and a Vikings Game
+ The Wright County Fair (specifically the Demo-Derby)
+ We-Fest
+ The giant ball of Twine
+ Valley SCARE
+ Wabasha Street Caves
+ Mystery Cave State Park, Preston
+ Mall of America
+ Ren-Fest (EVERY YEAR!!)
+ Ikea

There are probably a million more that I missed, but hey, this was a good start…
Basically by the end of this list, I really should just take a trip to Duluth… The town my Dad was born in and the place my Grandma grew up!


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