Because people ask me for relationship advice.

People ruin their own relationships for no real reason at all.
They put too much pressure on themselves and their partner, they over think every little detail, and they convince themselves it will never work.
Then hearts get broken and people spend a lot of time being alone and sad.

Relationships are not that complicated. A relationship should be nothing more than supporting and valuing the person you love. A relationship should be staying up late talking and laughing with the person who makes you feel like no one else. A relationship should be letting yourself trust your best friend enough to let yourself fall in love.

Support, love, commitment.
Laughing, smiling, comforting.

What’s so hard about those simple things?

Being afraid to let someone in, being afraid of getting hurt, being afraid that it won’t work out?

The easy solution: stop being afraid and let love conquer all.

When you find the one you’re supposed to be with, you’ll know it. You’ll know what love is, so don’t be afraid.
Never let that love go.

(End rant.)

PS: There’s no excuses on this. It’s not too late. It’s not impossible. It’s not “never going to happen.”

Never give up on love. If it’s meant to be it will be, just never stop fighting for what you love.


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