Things people say that show that they care:

Most times, people say little things everyday that show you how much you mean to them, but are you listening?

Here are a few key phrases:

“Drive safely.”

“Be careful.”

“Call/text me later.”

“Do you want to hang out/come over?”

“Sleep well./How did you sleep?.”

“How are you?” 

“If you need help, let me know.”

Has anyone used these phrases around you lately? Probably, yes. So, just know that the person saying these things cares. Whether you know them well, or hardly at all. They care. Otherwise, they would not have said anything. Sometimes, maybe they’re just making conversation, or being nice, but more often than not it is more genuine than that.

There have been way too many times where I myself have fallen short of noticing these moments. I have felt entirely alone and isolated, thinking no one cared about me. But then, I started paying attention to the things people said to me. It reminded me that people do care and I should not take that for granted.

If you ever feel alone, I hope this reminds you too.


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