What makes someone special?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what makes a person so indescribably wonderful. All you know is that there is always a person you feel an unexplainable connection to. So why is this person so special?

They give off a certain energy, and you can’t help but be attracted to it. You crave it, you crave that person. You want to talk to them, to spend time with them, and to be there for them.  Even when you don’t want to think about them, their face pops into your head and they suddenly consume your every thought.

This person has impacted you in a way that few others ever have and ever will. This is something you’ll never forget, this is someone you’ll never forget.

At first it seemed like an infatuation, then maybe an obsession, but whatever it is, you can’t shake how you feel about this person. I’m sorry to say, but you never will, not entirely at least.

This person is special because you care.  This person is special because they have made an impact on you. This person is special because they make you think and feel things you are afraid of feeling and thinking.

That’s the secret. Don’t be afraid. Let this person in.

With the connection you feel to them, it’s more than likely that they feel the same connection to you. This is something to celebrate not to run away from.

It is rare to find someone like this. It is rare to find a perfect match, someone who completes you. Someone who makes you a better person. Someone who both terrifies you but also makes you feel like you’re at home.

Don’t run away from this person, embrace them, because what makes them special is their connection to you.


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