How To: Surprise the girl who cannot be surprised

Some girls seem entirely impossible to surprise. I know this because I am by far one of those girls. I am one of those girls who is obnoxiously good at guessing when someone is going to do something for me, what kind of gift they’re going to give me, and where they are going to take me to surprise me.

It is infuriating to have a woman like this in your life, trust me, I know. So here are a few simple things you can do to  be unpredictable to the girl who can predict your every gesture. The key is is simplicity.

  1. Ditch the roses, pick up the daisies & wildflowers
    Instead of buying her a dozen roses, like every guy in the world does, buy her a little bouquet of random flowers… The kind most manly-men wouldn’t dream of buying.
    Because, when a girl knows you are going to buy her flowers, she will expect one of two things. Either you will buy the same kind you (and every other guy) think are the most romantic, roses. So don’t do that, they are pretty over rated anyway. OR she will assume you want to buy the most expensive bouquet of flowers, which are also roses. Honestly, money can’t buy genuine surprise… But creativity, originality, and spontaneity can. –
  2. Don’t hit the movies, take a drive
    If you really want to surprise your impossible girl, don’t stick to the classic dinner and a movie. Take it outside the box. Take a drive somewhere you don’t know. Find a new place to go, out of town. Maybe it’s a State Park, or even a museum. Hell, if you’re set on the movies, find an old drive-in theater.
    – Everyone and their parents do dinner and a movie, yes it’s a classic, and yes dinner can be romantic… But maybe that is exactly what your girl is expecting from you. If you don’t tell her where you’re planning to go, and you start driving to a new place… She will never be able to guess what you have up your sleeve. Google is a great resource for finding new date ideas. (Or if you really want to do your homework, try Pinterest. A girl’s  every dream can be found on that website.)-
  3. Don’t ask her what she wants, take a risk
    It would be so much easier to flat out ask a girl what she wants, in any sense of the word. From buying a gift for an occasion or  where she wants to go to eat. Instead, go out on a whim and pick something/somewhere out that is completely out of the blue.
    – If you ask her what she wants, she obviously knows what she is going to get. Even if you try to be sly and go with an idea that she has mentioned before to you, she might pick up on it easily, especially if you drop hints. So, do some digging, ask her friends/family what she likes, stalk her social media accounts (again, Pinterest is a GOLD MINE.) She will appreciate the thought much more than a blunt inquiry. –
  4. Avoid making plans, just show up on her doorstep
    This one is fairly obvious, but can be tricky if you already do this often. Instead of sending her a text or calling her, asking if she wants to go out and do something- just show up (and bring those wildflowers from the grocery store if you’re really feeling spontaneous.) She might “need a minute” to get ready, but she will be thrilled to just get up and go.
    – Again, pretty self explanatory. If your girl is the kind that likes to be surprised, and you’re not the kind of person to show up unannounced. Bam, it’s a huge surprise. I will warn you, she might be extremely unprepared, and you’ll want to check casually if she’s busy that night/day or not. Ask her the day before what she has planned, but don’t reveal your plan.-
  5. Less is more, little things vs. extravagance
    When you really want to surprise a girl that is impossible to surprise, stick to the small things. Mix CD’s, letters & notes, sweet texts out of the blue, etc. Any of those things will be much sweeter and spontaneous than grand gestures of affection.
    – Most girls expect guys to think that to suprise a girl, they have to be over the top… So, that’s what girls expect to happen. If you stick to small things, she probably won’t see them coming. If you really want to be sentimental and make an impact, maybe do multiple little things at once. But, again, I will emphasize that a little thought goes a long way.-


I hope you have found some sort of help from these things. I know that if someone wanted to surprise a girl like me, who is impossible to surprise, this is how I would recommend they go about it.
Good luck in your spontaneous endeavours!



Universal Truths of My Life

  1. There is no such thing as “too much flannel.”
  2. When in doubt, choose whiskey.
  3. Travelling is good for the soul.
  4. Always choose enough sleep over anything.
  5. Knowledge is power, but imagination is the key to success.
  6. Led Zeppelin will always be the best band of all time.
  7. You don’t know until you try.
  8. Dogs are a girl’s best friend.
  9. Candles and incense are necessities.
  10. Follow your heart and have no regrets.
  11. Coffee is indeed the lifeblood of a writer.
  12. Make time for those who love you.
  13. Dogs are better than cats.

New Years Rant

Every time the year begins to come to an end you look back and say “what a shitty year, I went through so much shit.” Then, every new year you say you’re going to make it better than the last. However, by this time next year you will probably be saying “damn, another terrible year.”

Well newsflash, that’s life. Life is only as good as you make it. Shit happens, but you need to bounce back from it.

Try not to focus on the negative things that happen to you, embrace the positive things you have been blessed with. Bad things will ALWAYS happen, but guess what? Good things will ALWAYS happen too. It’s just a matter of which ones you’d rather focus on.

So this new year, don’t aim to make it a “better year” than this last one, aim to be more positive about it. Make your resolution to find positivity in all things no matter what life throws your way.

There’s a saying that I like to live by, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

So, with that in mind, make next year better by being optimistic. Do not dwell on the bad things that come your way. I can guarantee if you let go of anything negative you experience this upcoming year, that by this time a year from now, you won’t be telling yourself “I am so ready for a new year, this one was SO terrible.” Because, guess what? You will realize that it wasn’t so terrible afterall.

Ditch the dead end resolutions like going to the gym, eating healthier, etc. Without a positive outlook, every single one of your resolutions are doomed to fail. First work on optimism, then watch your life better itself as you grow into a happier person who wants to do all those great things. They will not out of necessity, but out of self-determination and happiness.

Good luck to you, have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

Top Ten Places I Want to Venture to in America

I’ve been to a lot of places in my lifetime, but there’s many blank spots on my map to visit, in order of wanderlust.

1. Alaska
2. The Pacific Northwest (the Redwoods in northern Cali as well as Oregon)
3. The Tennessee Mountains (Appalachia) & Nashville
4. Glacier National Park, Montana
5. The Sea Caves in the Apostle Islands, Wisconsin
6. Upstate New York forests (or Maine, either way)
7. New Orleans
8. Isle Royale, Lake Superior
9. Boston & Baltimore
10. Death Valley (just to say I’ve been there)