New Years Rant

Every time the year begins to come to an end you look back and say “what a shitty year, I went through so much shit.” Then, every new year you say you’re going to make it better than the last. However, by this time next year you will probably be saying “damn, another terrible year.”

Well newsflash, that’s life. Life is only as good as you make it. Shit happens, but you need to bounce back from it.

Try not to focus on the negative things that happen to you, embrace the positive things you have been blessed with. Bad things will ALWAYS happen, but guess what? Good things will ALWAYS happen too. It’s just a matter of which ones you’d rather focus on.

So this new year, don’t aim to make it a “better year” than this last one, aim to be more positive about it. Make your resolution to find positivity in all things no matter what life throws your way.

There’s a saying that I like to live by, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

So, with that in mind, make next year better by being optimistic. Do not dwell on the bad things that come your way. I can guarantee if you let go of anything negative you experience this upcoming year, that by this time a year from now, you won’t be telling yourself “I am so ready for a new year, this one was SO terrible.” Because, guess what? You will realize that it wasn’t so terrible afterall.

Ditch the dead end resolutions like going to the gym, eating healthier, etc. Without a positive outlook, every single one of your resolutions are doomed to fail. First work on optimism, then watch your life better itself as you grow into a happier person who wants to do all those great things. They will not out of necessity, but out of self-determination and happiness.

Good luck to you, have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.


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