Someday’s dreams:

I want a big kitchen where I can cook anything and everything.
I want to have a cold beer waiting for my man when he’s done with a long day of work.
I want to have a night every week dedicated to “family movie night”
I want to have a craft room where my kids and I can be outrageously messy and creative.
I want to have game nights with the neighbors/our friends once a month or so.
I want to have “Sunday Supper” every week where everyone sits down as a family.
I want to have a back yard where my dog can run and play to its hearts content.
I want an herb garden to tend to and harvest.
I want to have an office full of books and little obscure things.
I want to have a front porch with two rocking chairs.
I want a cabin on a lake surrounded by the woods.
I want wood floors and big windows.
I want a vinyl collection that would make the classics proud.
I want a good life.