2017’s Seventeen Things

It’s almost March and I have meant to do this list since the start of the year. So, here are 17 absolute necessities to my life this year. These are definitely what make me “me” sans obvious things such as my dog, phone, etc.

  1. My Jeep (2002 Grand Cherokee Limited, until I upgrade to a Wrangler within the year…)
  2. Aviator sunglasses
  3. My classic rock mix CDs (Led Zeppelin & CCR mainly)
  4. Mascara, lipgloss, bronzer, & highlighter
  5. Taco Bell, Chik-Fil-A, & Panda Express
  6. Cherry Coke & Mountain Dew
  7. Flare jeans & Daisy Duke cutoffs, V-necks and tank tops
  8. Having some sort of red in my hair
  9. Grand Theft Auto V & Skyrim
  10. Snapbacks
  11. Country music festivals/shows
  12. Bass fishing & deer hunting
  13. Instagram & Snapchat
  14. Cowgirl boots, Timberlands, slippers & flip flops
  15. My Nikon DSLR camera
  16. Supernatural (TV Show) & anything Tolkien related
  17. More journals than necessary

(As organized by categories.)


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