By clicking here you have selected the option of learning more about me, the writer! Wow, you sure are a loyal minion aren’t you? Oh, or not… You know.

Anyway, here’s a little bit about myself.

Name: Stephanie
Age: Twenty-Three
Gender: Shield Maiden
Occupation: Student, writer, wanderer, & zombie survival expert.

There, we have covered the basics! But seeing as you’re here; I might as well fill you in on some more details, right? I mean this section is titled; ABOUT ME! So if you’re all “shut up already, you’re talking about yourself way too much,” you are definitely in the wrong place…

Fun Facts:

I come from the land of the ice and snow, also known as Minnesota.

My favorite food is anything that involves red meat, herbs/pasta, or bourbon sauce.

My favorite beverage is probably Dr. Pepper  (just add whiskey!)… But am trying to drink tea instead, y’know, it’s healthier and junk.

My favorite TV shows are Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Jessica Jones and American Horror Story…. But Breaking Bad is up in the mix as well. And Nashville.

I love lots of movies, but The Lord of the Rings will always be my favorite.

My favorite book, if not The Hobbit, is Impulse by Ellen Hopkins.

I love Nutella. End of story.

I was born and raised a whole hearted country girl.

That being said, I am also a hardcore geek and gamer at heart as well (Its a strange mix I know.)

Assassin’s Creed IV is my favorite xbox game.

Civ V is my favorite PC game.

Skyrim is my absolute favorite game of ALL TIME.

My favorite colors are blue, gunmetal grey, and ivory (but green and orange are nice as well.)

My favorite Avenger… oh God, this one is the hardest question ever… is PROBABLY  Captain America… Or Thor.  I love them both. But definitely Thor.

My favorite x-men is Gambit. REMY LeBEAU… MARRY ME!

My ultimate fictional crush is probably still Legolas or Aragorn.

I am superstitious, to boot.

I love pagan/celtic/norse/greek mythology. Really, I just love mythology.

I write fan-fictions and RP, and regret nothing…. Except my Harry Potter fanfic, we can forget that mess.

I read tarot cards.

I practice magick and consider myself a Christian with adopted pagan values.

I also consider myself a hedge-witch.

I love writing letters.

I am a history NERD.

Disc golf is something I enjoyed, but don’t do much anymore.

I have no idea what I’m doing 90% of the time, unless it involves fantasy, writing,  zombies, fandoms, tumblr, or the internet in general.

I accidentally deleted five years worth of tumblr blogging and it CRUSHED me.

I am minorly obsessed with Magic the Gathering.

I have run out of fun facts for now, but may add more later.

Erm the future for me;

I had once dreamed of being an art major, but pfft. I’m just going to say it, I am not at all confident in my artistic abilities and that idea went up in flames after one semester. I still dabble in photography sometimes but don’t want a career out of it.  I did do a couple gigs and made a couple bucks in the mean time. Then, I wanted to pursue a career in Psychology for a while; namely clinical or criminal psychology. Probably would have gone with  clinical though, but one again changed my mind. Then I was  an American Indian Studies major, how does that work? …. Maybe I’m just crazy. I planned to obtain a Ph. D in Anthropology eventually or some shit like that, but again, didn’t pan out. BUT NOW, at long last,  am a creative writing major who someday just wants to be a stay at home mom who wants to open her own store or shop or something. Who really knows where I’ll end up… All I know is the obvious, I love to write.

Kudos to those who read this far, there will be cake for you at the end…

OH…. This is what I look like:

My hair is red/firey colored, my personal favorite, my eyes are hazel-ish brown-ish green-ish looking, and I’ve been told I’m pretty but HA who are we all kidding, really? Just kiddin.

Here is a recent picture for any of you curious little beings out on the other side of the screen…

when the levee breaks.jpg

And here we are, at the end of this page. I hope you enjoyed reading about me, told you I’m not that interesting.

Oh and also…. The Cake is a Lie.

I mean come on, did Portal teach you nothing? And if you haven’t played it… Well that’s your fault.

ATTENTION: You cannot scroll any further, I am sorry.


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