Wednesday Words of Wisdom – 05.04.2016

Been a while since I last posted one of these. So, forgive me if I’m a little rusty.

Today’s topic: Growing Up/Changes

Sometimes life with throw you a lot of big  changes in a short amount of time. Maybe you’re graduating or starting a new job, in the mean time maybe there are other things going on too- moving, paying off debt, trying to keep up with your friends and family, etc. When all of these things piles up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and start to question yourself and what you want from life. Finding a balance is a good thing, even if it might be a challenge.

That’s where you need to stop worrying and realize that, more often than not, what you want has been there all along. Just because one thing in your life changes, it doesn’t mean that everything has to change. Remember things you enjoyed doing before everything went crazy, remember the people you care about and who care about you. Take time to yourself so that you can relax and not stress about things. Ask the people around you for some space, even if they want to smother you, if they really care about you they will understand.

It is hard to juggle multiple things at once, and it takes practice. But, if you’re on the right track, you’ll gain speed and become better and better as time goes on. Everyone has their rough patches, but what matters is being able to come out of them. If you can’t pull yourself out, look to the people around you, maybe they can offer you some better footing.

Most importantly, don’t forget how you got to where you are. There were troubles, there were hard times. But, you made it. You’re here. Did anyone help you along the way? Thank them. Did you achieve something you never thought possible? Be proud. All in all, never forget the people who are there to support you and don’t forget your self-worth.

We are all much better than we give ourselves credit for, and I know from my own experiences that it’s easy to overthink when things pile up. So just breathe, slow down, and appreciate everything around you. Don’t question whether you deserve to have good things in your life, and don’t worry about them disappearing. Just trust that everything is okay and be happy to be where you are. We are all blessed, and sometimes we forget that, but in the end everything will be exactly the way it is meant to be.

Have a great day.



Wednesday Words of Wisdom V (09.30.2015)

Today’s topic: caring too much

Sometimes, you just need to stop caring. You need to cut your losses and move on. Yes it’s hard, yeah maybe you’re hurting, but that’s not your fault. When you stop caring so much about what hurt you in the first place is when you’ll start feeling better about yourself.

So there, stop being a victim and show the world you’re better than that.

This isn’t my best post, but I’m just impatient today. Good luck.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom IV (09.23.2015)

Today’s topic: follow your heart

Yes, you will get hurt along the way, but in the end it will lead you to be the happiest you’ve ever been.Don’t dwell in the past, look to your bright future.

Don’t waste time over thinking when it comes to your gut feelings. Just do what you think feels right. Do not doubt your feelings, trust them.

Everything happens for a reason, just make sure you’re where you want to be with who you want to be with.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom III (09.16.2015)

This one will be short and sweet.

Today’s topic:don’t dwell on the past.

Why? Because you can’t change it, no matter how much you wish you could. So, what should you do? Let the future happen, just sit back and wait for all of it’s beautiful mysteries to unfold.

Even though you can’t change the past, you can make room for an incredible tomorrow. Anything is possible, just keep an open mind.

Good things come to those who wait, right?

Wednesday Words of Wisdom II (09.09.2015)

Round two of my insightful deep rambling. I have a terrible case of ringing in the ears so this will be interesting; I can’t focus to save my life right now.

Today’s Topic: Optimism

Firstly, if any of my close friends reads this, they know I am anything but the poster-girl for optimism. But honestly, I really think the power of optimism is one of the greatest things in the world. Even when you hit your lowest low and feel like there’s no possible way things can get better, hope can make a world of difference. Telling yourself things will be okay, even when your life is seemingly in shambles, is exactly the thing that will make it okay.

However, at the same time, your optimism must come from within yourself, you cannot rely on others to make you feel better at all times. If you do, you will only push them away. At the same time, do not completely cut yourself off from the people who care, because that also pushes them away.

It can be hard to be optimistic, but that’s what we as people need to do to keep our hopes and dreams alive. No matter how impossible something might seem, it can happen. You just have to try. Even if Master Yoda did say once, “do or do not, there is no try.” SO, go out and DO what will make you happy. Do not wait for it to happen, and if your idea of happiness doesn’t pan out- find a new source of happiness.

Whatever you do, have faith in yourself and your own optimism. Do not always try to rely on others. Self sufficiency is a key to self confidence, which can also be a key to happiness.

You’ve got this.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom (09.02.15)

Today’s topic: Low self esteem & jealousy.

I’ve always been a deep thinker, and I’ve always liked giving advice. Thus, I am making a new category within my blog called “Wednesday Words of Wisdom.” Enjoy.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last few years it’s not to be jealous of others. Don’t be jealous of someone because they have something you want, or look prettier than you, or because they have a seemingly perfect life. Because, honestly, I can guarantee they do not think they have a perfect life, they do not think they have everything they want. In fact, they too are probably jealous of others.

Also, consider this: there is a good chance that somewhere out there, someone is jealous of you. Someone out there, maybe someone you know well, probably would kill to have something you have, to look like you do, to have your life.

That brings me to my next point: Self Esteem.

More often than not, I have struggled with low self esteem and low self worth. But guess what? There is only one of me. Just like there is only one of you too. So, if something about yourself is getting you down, think about this instead… Think of everything good about yourself, of the things that make you the person you are.

Your flaws are what make you perfect, and often times, that is what is going to make you stand out and shine.

So, stop wasting your time being envious of others and embrace what you have.

You only get one life, so live it happily and be proud to be yourself.

PS: Wow, those thoughts were way more disorganized than I intended. Where’s my coffee?